iOS Development

Autosizing UITextView, similar to Facebook ‘comment’

I've recently had to implement an autosizing text field in a couple different projects, so I decided to put it into a cocoapod, called SBTextInputView.┬áIt: uses autolayout, so it should be set for a future versions of iOS and all screen sizes has a translucent background, a UITextView, and a button, all of which are… Continue reading Autosizing UITextView, similar to Facebook ‘comment’


Things Most CS Students Don’t Learn in School — But Should

Computer Science at many liberal arts colleges (including my alma mater) can be very theoretical. This is fantastic, in many ways -- languages will change, platforms will go out of style, but if you know the theory, you'll be fine no matter what direction the profession takes. There are, however, certain things that this type… Continue reading Things Most CS Students Don’t Learn in School — But Should

iOS Development

Obj-C Convenience Categories

There are some things in in Objective-C that just bug me. They're generally pretty small, but I find my self correcting in a lot of different projects. For instance, working with JSON frequently means you probably use NSJSONSerialization, and you may note that if a JSON key returns null, it will be put into the… Continue reading Obj-C Convenience Categories

Arduino, RainbowCube, RainbowDuino

Availability Monitoring with a RainbowCube

The RainbowCube is an Rainbowduino compatible 4x4x4 grid of LEDs. In this post I'll cover how to use it to keep track of your internet connection, and response times of sites you care about. Overview This project has two parts: a computer (perhaps a raspberry pi?) to perform the actual web requests, and the RainbowCube… Continue reading Availability Monitoring with a RainbowCube