Hire Me!

I’m available for mobile app consulting work on a variety of topics. I work through a company I started with a few of my friends called Lithobyte, Co.

Available Services Through Lithobyte

Building Native or React Native iOS and Android apps

Have an idea for an app? Lithobyte can build it! We’ve made this industry our way of life, so from ideation, to prototyping, to raising capital, to an MVP, to a fully fledged app on multiple platforms with a backend and website – we can help you through it all.

Code Review

Do you or your company need an outside set of eyes to review some code? We can help! We’re happy to provide a written report on what’s good, what’s bad, and how to make everything better.

Low Bias Developer Job Candidate Evaluation

Are you a non-tech person looking for excellent developers? Are you missing out on hiring amazing developers because of your job application process? We work with companies to create candidate evaluation processes specific to your company that reduce bias and increase the quality of developers you end up hiring.

Mobile Security Consulting

Are you concerned about the security of your app? I’ve worked with several companies to make their apps more secure through penetration tests and good coding practices.

Teaching and Training

I teach through organizations like Girl Develop It and General Assembly, and am available to help your employees learn new skills or improve old ones.