Nagging Users to Take Action

Mobile app developers know that users have to be prompted to take actions like rating your app, upgrading, and other such activities. However, it’s really important not to be annoying about it, or your users will just uninstall (plus everyone hates being nagged incessantly!).

With this in mind, I built a simple Swift cocoapod to allow iOS developers to do things at certain intervals.

I tend to avoid annoying my users by not bothering them more than once every few days, and not more than once every 7 app opens. I also wait to prompt them until 17 seconds after they’ve started the app, so they’re able to get most, if not all, of the information they need. You can do this with my library, SBNag, automatically; just add your action to the queue:

let nag = SBNagService()
 let upgradeNagtion = SBNagtion()
 upgradeNagtion.defaultsKey = "upgrade" // used to keep track of this nag event
 upgradeNagtion.title = "Thank you!"
 upgradeNagtion.message = "You seem to like this app – would you like to support the developer by upgrading?"
 upgradeNagtion.noText = "Nope, no way"
 upgradeNagtion.yesAction = { () in
 // Upgrade

You can also edit several other things that determine when your users will get prompted to do things. NagService has several variables you can set that change:

nagService.daysBetweenNags = 10 // user nagged at most every 10 days
nagService.opensBetweenNags = 8 // user nagged at most every 8 app opens
nagService.opensOffset = 5 // user nagged for first time after 5 opens
nagService.delayInSeconds = 15 // nag 15s after startCountDown() called

It’s that easy!

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