ReactiveSwift to Combine Cheat Sheet

This is a cheat sheet for converting from ReactiveSwift to Combine.

The origin of this document is me converting some of my libraries from one to the other, so they’re just basic use cases of things I’ve used. As a result, this sheet by no means exhaustive, but is a good start and includes caveats that go with the transition.


Signal instances

This is usually a straightforward find/replace from Signal to AnyPublisher. Note: mapping and other such operations on publishers create weird nested types, so you may need to call eraseToAnyPublisher to trim that down.


This is usually a straightforward find/replace from observeValues to sink.

Signal class function calls

Find/Replace to Publishers, and capitalize the method you were using (ie Signal.merge becomes Publishers.Merge)


There are a few ways to do this in Combine.


If you want to be able to trigger other behavior based on a value change, you might try either a PassthroughSubject or a CurrentValueSubject. These allow you to convert your calls of mutableProperty.value = ... to subject.send(...).


If you’re interested in storing those values over the longer term, you can simply mark regular properties as @Published, ie @Published var isEnabled = true. You can then subscribe to the property by referring to $propName, ie self.$isEnabled.sink { ... }. Careful though! When that sink block is called, the self.isEnabled won’t have updated yet, so you’ll need to refer to the passed value (or use a non-Combine solution such as didSet instead).


skipNil is the other one I tended to use a lot in my libraries. By and large I can just replace it with compactMap({ $0 }), occasionally tacking on eraseToAnyPublisher.

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