My Developer Toolbox

This page describes what I’m using in my day-to-day development. It was updated on April 22nd, 2015.


Version Control: git and GitHub

Analytics: Flurry, Answers by Fabric, Mixpanel, Parse, and Segment to tie it all together

Push messaging: Parse

Crash reporting etc: Crashlytics by Fabric

Continuous integration: Travis. If I have to, Jenkins


Android IDE: Android Studio/Gradle

Android libraries I use a lot: VolleyGson, Glide (for images)

Android unit testing: Robolectric


iOS IDE: Xcode

iOS dependency management: Cocoapods

Pods I use a lot: Facebook-iOS-SDK, Mantle, Parse, Reachability, SBTextInputView, SBCategories, TTTAttributedLabel, SSPullToRefresh, ISO8601DateFormatter, DateTools, AFNetworking, SDWebImage

Obj-C unit testing: Specta/Expecta, Nocilla (both available as Cocoapods)

Swift unit testing: Quick

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